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[OC] The Return of: D.E.C by Zelda88
[OC] The Return of: D.E.C
    Age: 15
    Weapon[s]: no physical weapons
    Magic User?: magic is all she ever uses
Like Lily there isn't much to say. D.E.C is very intelligent and studious. She is the only one in the BlackRobes who uses ONLY magic therefore she is the most knowledged and experienced person when it comes to magic. This one gets in the group with Layco's help (a little off topic) but she doesn't wear the black robe though since she would rather not. Yucanni and Lily don't wear it either but they wear a red robe and a dress which everyone thought it was close enough. Noone really know why D.E.C have horns but other than that they just see her as human but everybody wonders every once in a while.
    Changes since first appearance: her age

[L.E.G: ok so I'm back as in I'll be on every once in a while but hey, only two more to go! After these I'll draw all the things that need full body drawings and also remember the Tiny me and Scarlett? Well I've been making those for these guy so be sure to expect that.
I'll list the first two tinys:……
[OC] The Return of: Lily by Zelda88
[OC] The Return of: Lily
    Age: 9   
    Weapon[s]: twin blades
    Magic User?: only healing magic
There isn't much to say about Lily. She's almost exactly like Yucanni except she's quieter...and a little smarter...and not as outgoing. She and Yucanni are, obviously >:u , like sister. So with some convincing arguments, Lily gains access into the group.
    Changes since first appearance:  none
        +Bloodling Description: Just like Nightmares, they're are a big part of the population of Dakara. Bloodlings are transparent (which I obviously failed to show) and can be any color there is, even black or white but those two colors are rare and in some cases they can be more than one color but it's extremely rare. Their blood is usually the opposite color of what their body color is, it's not rare but it is uncommon if it's anything else unless it is black or white. Like Nightmares, they are born with or without wings but they aren't attached as you can see. Bloodlings can summon or get rid of their wings if born with the ability to do so. Besides the wings, all Bloodlings are born with the ability to use magic. Only those willing to study and practice magic get to actually USE it.

[L.E.G: wow it's been like a month even though it feels like three. School started and i've been waking up at 5:40 AM, falling asleep at 3:00 PM, been switching from happy to really depressed for stupid reason a lot, got sick at one point, and others things I can't remember right now but I'm back, not that anyone cares but either way I'm still here. Like I said in the description, Bloodlings are more transparent but with my pathetic drawings skills I couldn't do that. Other than that I have the last three characters done and after that (and another thing I'm doing) I'll make full body drawings of my ocs that need it (and I have a new pony oc that I've been working on, plz don't hate me QvQ ). I'd also like to mention that I had to look at tutorials and such to make the wings which means I haven't improved on wings at all T~T.
    Bloodlings and Nightmares belong to me and -I doubt any will but- Please do not steal them or any of my characters
maybe I should explain myself. WELL I'm taking one of my classes a week early before school and it's pretty much just a military class. So we have these groups and our own colors and, as you can see, my group is called the Killer Koalas and our color is neon pink (I drew yuka from animal crossing is my only koala and I can't draw koalas). The reason why my shirt is outlined in yellow is because Everyone's shirt is yellow. Also I had my hair braided for this class C: . I'm uploading this because I was bored and I am having trouble drawing wings for one my ocs because they aren't connected to her. I tried to do a crayon thing, but the Main reason I did this was because day 1 & 2 were bad days for me so yeah.
[OC] The Return of: Yucanni by Zelda88
[OC] The Return of: Yucanni
(you-can-E) "Nightmare"
    Age: 8
    Weapon[s]: her hands 
    Magic User?: only uses teleportation 
Yucanni is like any 8 year old, happy, energetic, and other things I wouldn't know because i'm not an 8 year old. The group first met her in a town with her brother who happens to be the town priest. Wanting to be useful, she tries to prove her skills and with some persuasion, she gets to join them.
    Changes since first appearance: crown-thingy has been simplified 
        +Nightmare Description: Nightmares are a big part of the population of Dakara. These guys can only be either black or white with some kind of design or spot or hair of the other color. It's extremely rare for a Nightmare to be one solid color. The only thing more rare than that is if they were completely red. They are mostly "human" like, like Yucanni here but some are more cat-like, don't wear cloths, and don't have hair on their heads (i'll draw an example). Nightmares can be born with or without wings and when it comes to fighting, they usually use their "claws". It's not rare but it is uncommon for these guys to use magic.+

[L.E.G: hooray for shitty names! Also what do you think of Nightmares, I couldn't think of a better name *crys*.  Like I said, i'll draw an example of one that isn't human like. I have 2 other ocs that are creatures I have created and for one of them, I don't have a name for what he is since he's supposed to be one of the last of his kind, at least that's what everyone assumes.
   Nightmares belong to me and -I doubt any will but- Please do not steal them or any of my characters
[OC] The Return of: Issun by Zelda88
[OC] The Return of: Issun
    Age: 14
    Weapon[s]: giant sword
    Magic User?: yes
Originally, Issun was the 3rd person to join the Black Robes but he was kick out because secretly he was a White Robe. Everything is resolved by Issun leaving, joining E.M and the others, and trying everything he can to gain their trust back. He is kind and caring and is a coward when he is face to face with Nateco, he isn't trusted by him because of his past -also Issun is dating E.M so there's that QvQ- . 
    Changes since first appearance: Hair is completely purple, is dating E.M

[L.E.G: How's it going? I'm bored.
    -I doubt any will but- Please do not steal any of my characters


Zelda88's Profile Picture
United States
Call me L.E.G if you want to. I'm a 14 year old who isn't the best at making friends...or at anything, but I make up for my lack of socialization skills by drawing -kinda-. The thing is that I suck, but i draw anyways. I draw on both paper and my computer. I'm not the best but I have improved a lot ever since I've started and I'm still improving little by little so please bare with me. I have a lot of OCs that I love and I continue to make more and I hope that you guys will like them too, both human/human-like and ponies. Just in case I don't say it since I'm not on as much as I used to be: Thanks for the faves/llamas)(You're welcome for the faves/llama.
But if you don't like my art please check out the few Watchers I have, you might like their art.

. SPC - I Support Sunny . by ChicaTH Link: The Evolution Stamp by TiuanaRui stamp - zelda's doing it right by Daeg-Niht Homestuck stamppppp by ghostlycrab Homestuck Stamp by CrystheWaterNinja Gamzee and Tavros stamp by LoveKoganJarlos Stamp: Eridan by Shendijiro Stamp: Tavros by Shendijiro Brawl Stamp 20A by Frobie-Mangaka Brawl Stamp 24 by Frobie-Mangaka Fruits of the Triforce - STAMP by TheGreenDragonGirl SidlePlz by fricken-pimp THE LEGEND OF NEIL STAMP by Laeiv Pony stamp by Shabi000 YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME by GeminiGirl83 Fluttality by GeminiGirl83 SHED.MOV Stamp by CocoChipooRocks Luna's Stamp of Approval by tiwake This is My Wholesome Declaration by endler
Hey it's been awhile (do any of you read these?). My last journal entry was January 6. Wow, I keep away from making entries because whenever I do it's usually about something stupid and non-related to drawing stuff. This time it's only stupid! This is a list of what i'm doing and what's to come and it's pretty small in my opinion ; v; . So let's start this thing!

(/◕ヮ◕)/ = done

 EDIT: this list may continue to grow so be aware of that of you care
 EDIT(8/5/14): Ok so sINCE I'M ALREADY WORKING ON MY OWN OCS, NOW I'M STUCK WITH 2 OTHERS, well not stuck with them but eh. One day, me and a friend ( Mirsla ) made these two ocs together and it's been awhile since we did anything with them and I felt sad because I didn't want to abandon them. Mirsla has been doing stuff so she can't care for them atm so, with her permission, I'm going to step up and bring them back. After I finish the "[OC] The Return of" stuff I'll introduce them. They have a tumblr but it's a little abandoned but that may or may not change. As you can see, no one cares about my ocs and I might be trying too hard but as I said before, if I don't try then what's the point.

    (/◕ヮ◕)/ The thing i'm working on is almost done! All I need to do is color it, ugh. It's someone I drew around the time I started dA. I hope you enjoyed that cruddy tip

    (/◕ヮ◕)/ I have 2 new pony ocs on the way, yaaaay. I have had the drawings of them ready for like 2-3 weeks, maybe? I haven't put them up because I haven't named them yet but other than that they are pretty much done! Before Mark (my first pony oc) I had so much trouble making pony ocs and now I can't stop.....heeeeeelp me

[Working On] *New pony oc, I KNOW I JUST CAN'T STOP. This time it's a duuuuude, Mark isn't going to be alone anymore!
 [Working On] *My original ocs. I know I keep saying that I'm going to finish the entry explaining my ocs' personalities and backstories but let's be serious, that's not going to happen. I did start it but I just don't see myself finishing it, so here's what i'm going to do: I'm going to draw them all, in pairs or alone, and I'll talk about what they are like and maybe I'll explain their backstories. Also I'll FINALLY introduce the 9th member of the lil gang. I have a few ocs that I've had for awhile that might pop up too

  [Working On] *Making tiny versions of the BlackRobes
     Side Work:
`    * I have these old-ish drawings of my ocs as ponies! Both on paper in a notebook somewhere and on the computer. The only difference is that I haven't drawn them all on my computer, only four of them. So I plan to start that up again, finish the rest of them and upload the ones in the notebook and on my laptop. (btw the ones on my computer are little gifs, it's nothing amazing but eh C: ) 
     *Been playing animal crossing a lot so I plan on doing some drawings on that too! (´・ω・`)

     *You might be seeing some drawing I did on my new whiteboard :D

     *I might practice drawing animals :iconlaplz:
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